Friday, June 28, 2013

Adventures in Reno's

Well we can finally say that we own our own home! When we received our tax return we were finally able to pay off some personal debts (praises for awesome tax returns!) and we were able to allot some of the money to something fun for us as well.While it wasn't my first choice, Ben knew right away that he wanted a trailer, and so after searching for a couple of months in several cities we found a small little trailer for $800! Not only was it a good deal, it was actually in Grande Prairie!

Originally we were only going to do a few renovations to it, and then Ben decided to do a much larger renovation! The gentleman that we bought it off of was single, lived in it, smoked and drank, and then we found a mouse-house in it I'd say it was pretty fitting that we changed out a bunch more than originally planned!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Adventures in School

Well the day has finally arrived!! After nearly three years of being together, three years of struggling through E.I, three years of travelling (well thankfully the 3rd year his class was in the same town that we were in!), three years of " should really be studying..." Ben is FINALLY a Journeyman Electrician! Hallelujah!! It's so incredibly exciting to have a dream and a goal finally come true! To finally have a big 'to-do' crossed off the list!
And it's so incredibly nice to know that we will not ever have to be on E.I. ever again! And to know that we are finally able to start chipping away bigger chunks of our debt at a time! Ben is more than pleased with himself (and oh so modest about it too!) 
We are incredibly grateful that we have finally finished one adventure of apprenticeship and have now entered into our new adventure of owning our own business! We kinda feel like grown ups now...hahaha!
And we are very proud of Ben for pulling through and for enduring through the "hardships" during the school times...Way to go Hunny!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Adventures in the Rain

I feel like we're back living in the Fraser Valley. It's been raining here for what feels like an eternity. Really, it's probably only been a couple of weeks, but still, that is a long time!! I am ready for the sunshine to break through them clouds and bring some life and energy back into these damp bones!! last night we started to go a little stir-crazy and I decided that if you can't beat the rain, you might as well join it! So we got our boots on, grabbed the rain coat, and jumped into the truck to head down to the river. Ady was super excited to be getting out. This little girls thrives off of social settings! She needs to get out and be active and just have a little bit more freedom than she sometimes gets in the house. And last night was definitely a night in which we all needed to step out....