Sunday, November 3, 2013

Adventures In Craziness

Summer has past, the snow is now falling, the late-night call-outs have begun: winter has arrived.
We are now living in a house. We lived in a trailer for the summer as well as September, and after the initial rough first few weeks, I think we did it quite well. Sure it wasn't the most ideal space, but really, we adapted. There was a lot less cleaning. I made a point of going out every morning and I was more than grateful that the summer weather lasted so far into September (and even some of October!). And we became a much cozier family. It truly wasn't as bad as everyone kept telling us it would be.

But due to circumstances that fell upon us, we are no longer living in a 14 foot trailer. Hallelujah. I mean, I know that we were planning on upgrading to a bigger size around the same time that we moved into the house, but come on, how many times can one girl handle whacking her head on a bunk bed made of solid wood? And I mean, I love my baby, but really, three bodies in a bed smaller than a double was really beginning to cramp my style...literally...